The Comedy Hour

Jackie Gleason; October 6, 1951

The highlight of Jackie Gleason's The Comedy Hour is a song and dance number performed by
Harold Lang and Helen Gallagher. Coming unannounced halfway through the now dated skits,
the number was well worth waiting for.

Lang, a small, wiry, but elegant man was perfectly matched with the winsome Gallagher.
While both pleasantly sang a now forgettable ditty, it was their dancing that really took center stage.
The pair moved easily from smooth, balletic routines to athletic leaps, performed by Lang with
effortless grace, onto a jazzy, jitterbug-like routine that was completely engaging. Although filmed
in kinescope, the camera did an admirable job of following Lang and Gallagher's movements, and
the nuances of their movements still transcend the grainy quality of the kinescope fifty years later.
As an added bonus, the camera was also able to capture the magnificence of Lang's ass in a
wonderful close-up. [Hats off to that cameraman!]

An entertaining sequence that offers a rare glimpse of Lang on film. My only complaint:
too short. Lang and Gallagher should have been given another number to perform. They
were easily the focal point of the show.

Danny Appel
UCLA 2000

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