from "Show Music" - v.4 n.1 (Feb. 1984):

by Richard Lynch

pages 20-22

Cheerful and jaunty Harold Lang was born December 21, 1923 (webmaster note - actually 1921) in Daly City, California.
Like all dancers who also sing, he projects great timing and rhythm in his songs.
He first danced with the Ballet Russe and Ballet Theatre before switching to musical
comedy. One of his first appearances was in Mr. Strauss Goes To Boston, which lasted
only 12 performances on Broadway in 1945. He had better luck the next time, with Three To Make Ready,
in 1946, which managed to last for 323 performances. His first recordings were with the other cast
members of Look Ma, I'm Dancin'!, which opened in January 29, 1948 at the Adelphi Theatre.

Decca (78) 24371 - Gotta Dance (with chorus)
Decca (78) 24373 - I'm Not So Bright

When these recordings were issued on a Decca 10" LP (DL 5231), an alternate version of the first song
was used, and it was also the alternate version which appeared on the Columbia Special Products' re-issue
thirty years later (X 14879). The original 78 rpm version can be heard on Box Office Productions' Three By Hugh Martin (JJA 19743).

One of Lang's greatest successes followed: Kiss Me, Kate, which opened December 30, 1948 at the
Century Theatre. The cast album was released by Columbia Records:

Col (78) 55043 - Why Can't You Behave (with Kirk)
Col (78) 55043 - Bianca
Col (78) 55046 - We Open In Venice (w/ Drake, Morrison, Kirk)
Col (78) 55046 - Tom, Dick or Harry (w/ Kirk, Clay, Wood)

Kiss Me, Kate was the first original cast album to be recorded for the new long playing record format,
which Columbia had just introduced. The original release number was
ML 4140. The album is still in CBS' catalog,
most recently issued as S32609. In 1959, Capitol Records nrought the original cast members of Kiss Me, Kate
together again for a new, true stereo, recording of the score (STAO 1267). Harold Lang can be heard dancing on
"Bianca" in this newer version.

In 1950 Columbia recorded a studio cast version of Rodgers and Hart's classic score for Pal Joey, with
Harold Lang singing the title role and Vivienne Segal re-creating her original Broadway performance as "Vera."
Pal Joey was the highlight of Harold Lang's career. In 1952 he co-starred with Miss Segal in a very
successful revival on Broadway. Because of the earlier studio cast recording, neither star was used on
Capitol's original cast album.

Col ML 4364*
You Mustn't Kick It Around
I Could Write A Book (with Fite) Happy Hunting Horn
What Do I Care For A Dame?
In Our Little Den Of Iniquity (w/ Segal)
* Currently available as CBS Special Products COL 4364

After the success of Kiss Me, Kate, Lang's next show was bound to be a disappointment. Make A Wish,
which opened at the Winter Garden, April 18, 1951, lasted only 102 performances:

RCA LOC 1002*
Suits Me Fine (with Gallagher)
Who Gives A Sou? (w/ Douglass, Fabray, Gallagher)
I'll Never Make A Frenchman Out Of You (w/ Gallagher)
That Face (w/ Gallagher)
Take Me Back To Texas With You (w/ Fabray, Gallagher)
* Re-issued as RCA Red Seal CBM1-2033

During this period, RCA decided to record some songs from famous musicals in a series of 10" LP's called
Show Time. They wisely utilized a number of performers and conductors currently working on Broadway.
Harold Lang recorded two songs from The Band Wagon for the series, long out of print:

RCA LPM 3155
I Love Louisa (with chorus)
New Sun In The Sky (w/ chorus)

I Can Get It For You Wholesale opened March 22, 1962 at the Shubert Theatre.
Columbia released the cast album:

Col KOS 2180*
The Family Way (with Roth, cast)
Ballad of the Garment Trade (w/ Streisand, cast)
What's In It For Me?
* Currently available as CBS Special Productions AKOS 2180

The Decline And Fall Of The Entire World As Seen Through The Eyes Of Cole Porter opened off-Broadway
March 30, 1965 at the Square East Theatre. In addition to a long medley of Cole Porter songs sung with the
rest of the cast, Harold Lang sang the following:

Col OS 2810
I Introduced (with Ballard, Alverez, Wendel)
I Happen To Like New York
What Shall I Do? (w/ Alverez, Hickey)
Tomorrow (w/ Ballaard, cast)
Farming (w/ Alverez, cast)

There were other Broadway shows, but no other recordings except for Ben Bagley's Jerome Kern Revisited,
recorded for Columbia but later re-issued on Painted Smiles PS 1363. Harold Lang recorded:

Col OS 2840
Good Morning, Dearie! (with Cook, Young)
Heaven In My Arms
Some Sort Of Somebody (w/ Andrews)

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